(1) Go to the website : www.vokkero.com


(3) On the helpdesk plateform, click on : + New Support Ticket

(4) Fill then form

(4.1) Enter your own e-mail address in the requester field

Take care to enter a valid address e-mail, your will received all the information about your demand on this specific address.

(4.2) Enter a short description of the problem in Objet

(4.3) Select the product in the list of choices offered (Family, Type and Reference)

>>> Family

>>> Type

>>> Reference

(4.4) Describe the problem

The mode accurate your description will be, the more our team will be able to answer efficiency

You can attach a file needed, with the : + Attach a file

(4.5) Select the problem in the list of choices offered

(4.6) Enter the purchase channel

Name of the distributot or Vokkero if you buy in direct

(4.7) Enter company information

(4.8) Fill the references and serial number of the products

Please indicate the full product reference: Reference + Evolution index

The product reference is of type AAnnnnaaa (in the example below: VO8156AAA and the evolution index is underlined (in the example below: F)

The serial number available digitally but also by scanning the datamatrix.

The accessories do not have a serial number but you will find an identification label on the cable which indicates the reference of the product.

(4.8) Submit the form

Accept the terms and conditions of the support then submit the form

You could click on the link to see the terms and conditions of the support) E-mail confirmation

You must receive an e-mail from the helpdesk support about the new demand.
For new users, you will also receive an e-mail creation account confirmation.