1. Request support time

The response time granted to all requests made on the HelpDesk support platform will be processed within a maximum of 72 working hours when it concerns a request for a product linked to a standard order.

If the product is covered by a complementary contract, the deadline for taking into account will be shorter. In this case it will be specified in the contract.

 2. Conditions of support for a defective product

The form called “Return Merchandise Authorization” (hereinafter RMA), must be attached to the product for any shipment, by the Customer, to the Support Service. This shipment induce the implicit acceptance of the conditions of care mentioned below :

  • The product is under warranty. VOGO will cover the administrative costs, the repair costs as well as the return transport costs in France (metropolis). Only the transport costs to send the equipment to VOGO remain the responsibility of the Customer.
  • The product is covered by the legal warranty period but VOGO estimates, after internal analysis, that the failure is the result of an error handling of the product, the costs of repair and reshipment of the product are the responsibility of the Customer. These fees are fixed according to the model of the product, and subject to validation by the client
  • The product is no longer under warranty but is repairable, the cost of repair and reshipment of the product are the responsibility of the Customer.


By "mishandling" or "misuse of the product", VOGO understands the following cases (non-exhaustive list):

  • Break of a connector
  • Corrupted software
  • Product used in an environment not intended for this purpose (example: product submerged or exposed to water while it is not natively waterproof),
  • Product that has been mechanically broken due to non-compliance with the technical specifications described in the documents provided.
  • Incorrectly packaged product that has caused damage during the return of the product to the Service Support.


This list completes the cases provided for in the General Conditions of VOGO.


In addition, the guarantee cannot be applied for services such as:

  • Battery change on a product following a normal end of life of the battery in question (by "normal" is meant "in accordance with the specifications of use and consumption defined between the parties at the time of the sale of the product),
  • Other exclusions : VOGO legal warranty services are also excluded from its products, any product that has been repaired outside of VOGO's Support Service or whose mechanics have apparently been opened without prior agreement.


The repair of these products for which the legal warranty cannot be applied will therefore be borne by the Customer in the general conditions of care defined in point 2.

3. Product returned and diagnosed without problems

It is important to return only the products diagnosed in default, whose assessment is based on information transmitted remotely by the Customer, by our support service. If, however, a product is returned to us and our support service does not diagnose any operating problem on the product, the cost of analysis and administration will be charged.


4. Processing time of defective products

The processing time of the defective products in return to the Support Service is dependent on either the origin of the fault or the category of the product. :

  • In the case of a new product received by the customer that shows a malfunction during the first use, this product will be treated as a priority. VOGO will replace the products within 48 hours from the moment the Service Support becomes aware of the reference and the serial number of the product. The defective product must be returned to VOGO. (See chapter 6. Early Exchange).
  • In the case of a product in use, the repair processing time will be 25 working days from the date of receipt of the product.
  • In the case of a subcontract product, the processing time will be the one indicated in the contract.


A product is considered new within 15 days of the date of delivery of the product.


A return package from the support department that does not have an RMA form cannot be processed in the standard process. And therefore, the announced processing times can not be respected.

5. Packaging of products

The products must be carefully packaged, individually and stably and in their original packaging if possible, to avoid any damage to the products during transport.

If the product has passwords or PIN code, please indicate it on a paper attached to your product. Indeed full access to the product is necessary to perform the repair.

The RMA number must be clearly and legibly marked on one side of the carton.

The completed RMA form must be attached to the product.


6.Early exchange

Will be sent an early exchange acceptance form. This form must be signed and returned to VOGO to proceed the exchange.


As part of this exchange, we ask you to return to us the products considered to be defective, the appreciation of which is based solely on information transmitted remotely by the Customer, upon receipt of new products.


After a period of 10 working days, if the products are not returned to us, VOGO will issue a new invoice for the last products sent.