You cannot return a product without a RMA Number

The first step to have a RMA number is to create a new ticket on the plateform.

Click on this link to know how create a ticket.

If our technical service considers that a return of product is necessary, you will receive an answer on the ticket with the return form and a RMA number.


NOTE : If your country is not part of the European community, you must add a commercial invoice with the product :


Edit a commercial invoice for the return products


This document must include :

  • The recipient address
  • The sender address
  • The reference quantity, price, custom code and origin of the product
  • The dimension and weight of the parcel

1 - Print the return form


It was provided to you by the support service during your discussions, on the Helpdesk platform.

2 – Fill the form


Fill in as precisely as possible the information concerning the default of the product (s).

Note that the address indicated on the form will be the one used to return the products to you. It is therefore important to check carefully that there are no errors.

3 – Pack the products


Products must be carefully packed in their original packaging or in suitable packaging to avoid damage during transport.


Attach with the products, the return form.

4 – Package identification 

Indicate legibly on the package the return address completed with the RMA number :


VOGO – Vokkero

RMA xxxx

Parc Technologique des Fontaines – Activillage – Bâtiment 3A

38190 920 Crolles